Free Admin Template

I recommend Admin Templates, a professional XHTML back-end template that can be used easily in every project.

I needed a simple admin template for a project I’m doing but I couldn’t find any so I created my own and decided to share it. It’s nothing fancy and I didn’t paid much attention to cross browser compatibility but I think it should work. It works for me and hopefully it will spare you few hours of work. You can see index demo and users demo. This template is free for personal use /non commercial. I would’t mind if you keep the link in the footer :) All icons are form

If you want to chage colors you can do that in css/theme*.css. I already included five different color schemes, you can switch them in the footer. You will also find PSD in the psd folder.

If you like this template OR if you use it for commercial purposes please consider donating. I spent a lot of time on this template. My paypal is Or if you buy tees from DBH or threadless please visit my DBH affiliate url and threadless affiliate url

You can download this template form here.